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Ella Carty

Ella Carty studied at St Albans and then Cheltenham Colleges of Art. She has been painting ever since, in Oxford, London and in Cornwall. She now works out a studio in Redruth in the heart of the county.

Ella’s paintings investigate her own experiences of the world. They describe the odd quirks of the human mind, describing a process of perception, discovery and regeneration. For Ella the painting process is instinctive and experimental. She rarely has a plan, instead reacting to what happens during the making of the piece. Like many artists before her she is obsessed with paint itself, with moving it about a canvas, with building up layer upon layer, a messy process that keeps her endlessly satisfied.

Ella’s work draws inspiration from the physical landscape of Cornwall, the emotions that generates, and from the inevitable influence of the painters of the mid-twentieth century who made St Ives and the Penwith peninsula their home.

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